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Low Temperature Detectors 16 (Grenoble)

The International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors (LTD) is held every two years and provides an international forum for discussing the latest research, development efforts and applications of cryogenic detectors for radiation and particles. The rapid technical developments of the last years and their outstanding features make these detectors very attractive in a variety of fields ranging from fundamental research to applied sciences.

LTD16 (Grenoble)

Local Organizing Committee :

Alain Benoit, Elodie Bernard, Philippe Camus, Lilian de Coster, Isabelle Delaunay, Laurence Detroyat-dit-Perron, Lionel Duband, Henri Godfrin, Alessandro Monfardini, Laurent Palaric, Karl Schuster

LTD16 Local Advisor Committee :

Jean-Pascal Brison, Philippe Camus, Lionel Duband, Jean-Marc Duval, Henri Godfrin, Andrea Guiliani, Hélène Lesueur, Martin Loidl, Pierre de Marcillac, Stefanos Marnieros, Alessandro Monfardini, Xavier -François Navick, Michel Piat, Claude Pigot, Damien Prêle, Vincent Reveret, Jean-Luc Sauvageot, Karl Schuster


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